Higher Death Risk Among Insomniac Men

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You may be at a higher risk of death if you have trouble sleeping, according to a new study. Insomnia, the most common sleep disorder, has been linked to a higher risk of mortality among men in a new study. The disorder is characterised by having trouble falling asleep, staying asleep and waking up early in the morning,

Researchers analysed self-reported information on insomnia from 23, 447 men who participated in the Health Professional Follow-Up Study. In a six-year follow up, 2, 025 of those men died. Some, but not all symptoms of the disorder were associated with greater total and cardiovascular-related mortality. Check out how your TV can Worsen Sleep Quality then try these tips to get Your Best Night’s Sleep.

There was a 25% higher risk of total mortality among those who had difficulty falling asleep and a 24% higher risk of non-restorative sleep, compared to none of these symptoms. Regarding cardiovascular-related mortality, difficulty falling asleep was associated with a 55% higher risk while non-restorative sleep was associated with a 32% higher risk.


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