Going Up Fast?

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Then you may be safe from cardiovascular disease. But hold up if you struggle to get it up: it may mean the complete opposite.

A new study evaluated flaccid penile acceleration (FPA), a test which examines the amount of vascular stiffness enabled by the health of penile vessels, of over 1 900 men with a history of erectile dysfunction (ED) in relation to cardiovascular disease. Men older than 55 with diabetes, obesity and a history of cardiovascular disease tended to have slower erection speeds and fewer spontaneous erections. A four-year follow-up revealed that 126 of the participants had experienced cardiovascular complications, 77 had heart disease and 36 had strokes.

Authors of the study say that flaccid penile acceleration is associated with a higher risk of major adverse cardiovascular events (MACE), even in participants that were younger who did not display co-morbid symptoms usually indicative of cardiovascular problems. Note that these results are based on men with ED, not normal erectile function.

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