Go With Glass

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It is better to drink your soda out of a glass bottle than a can or plastic bottle according to a new study. Bisphenol A, known as BPA, is the chemical that is used in both plastic bottles and the inner coating of beverage cans. BPA has already been associated with hypertension and decreased heart rates.

This recent study tested whether an increase in BPA exposure from canned beverages affected blood pressure and heart rates. 60 participants visited the lab and drank the same two beverages on three different occasions. At random it was either from commercial cans or glass bottles or one of each.

What the study found was that urinary BPA increased 16 times more after consuming canned beverages. This went hand in hand with an increase in systolic blood pressure, which increased by about 4.5mmHg after drinking two canned beverages as opposed to two glass-bottled beverages.

This study shows that having a glass-bottled beverage instead will be more beneficial and decrease your BPA exposure, which has been found to significantly increase blood pressure.

BPA has also been found to Compromise Fertility, so beware!

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