Give Her An Amazing Scalp Massage

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Step 1

Have her lie face up on a bed, with her head at its foot. Pull up a chair and sit directly behind her. Gently draw your fingers through her hair, moving from her hairline towards the back of her head. Repeat several times.

Step 2

Rotate the tips of your index and middle fingers in small clockwise circles over her temples, forehead and the crown of her head, like you’re slowly shampooing her hair. Repeat, but this time go counterclockwise. Then make larger circles over her entire scalp.

Step 3

Turn her head to one side. Using the technique from step two, massage her temple, the side of her head and the base of her neck. Repeat on the opposite side.

Step 4

Return her head to its origi¬nal position. Roll up a towel (bonus points: warm it in the tumble-dryer first) and place it under her neck. Lightly pinch each ear lobe between your thumb and index finger, then slowly slide your fingers around the entire perimeter of her ear.

Step 5

Draw your fingers through her hair, this time from the nape of her neck to her hairline. Move slowly through the steps – a good scalp massage should last at least 15 minutes.

Source: Massage and wellness expert, Robert Wolf

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