Follow These 12 Steps To Improve The Quality Of Your Life

Heed the science on aging, and you'll add years to your life! (Just don't do 3 and 4 at the same time.)

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The fountain of immortality may not exist, but there are some little things you can do every day to extend and improve the quality of your life. Based on research compiled from scientific journals we determined whether the below things will extend or decrease your life span.

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? 1. Intermittent Fasting

Cramming all of your allotted daily kilojoules into a shorter period of time may help slow the cells’ aging process, promoting a longer life span. Just make sure those kilojoules don’t come from chips. Cell Metabolism

? 2. Rocket

Eating dietary nitrates, found in leafy greens and beetroot, has been linked to reduced risk of cardio-vascular disease. Try fresh rocket on pizza. It has more nitrates than any other veggie. British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology

? 3. Stubbornness

A study of Italians aged 90 to 101 found the following commonalities: optimism; stubbornness; a dom-ineering streak; and a bond with God, family, and land. You wanna argue about that? International Psychogeriatrics

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? 4. Sex

Research shows that sexual activity may decrease heart-disease risk by imitating the effects of mild to mod-erate exercise. True, there’s an increased risk of heart attack, but only for those less physically active. Circulation

? 5. Oral Hygiene

People who had lost five or more teeth by age 65 were more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis. Brush, floss, rinse, repeat. Periodontology 2000

? 6. Dogs

Families (of ages 40 to 80) who owned a dog were 30% less likely to die within a 12-year period than their canine-free peers. Good boy! Scientific Reports

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? 7. Running With The Pack

Taking part in group exercise – whether it’s social 5-a-side soccer or swimming – helps maintain social con-nectedness into your later years, and may contribute to a longer, healthier life. Scientific Reports

? 8. Acceptance

As you pass those major milestones, having a positive self-perception of aging can up life expectancy by seven and a half years. Look on the brighter side. The Gerontologist

✊  9. Alcohol

A study found an association between having two glasses of wine daily and an 18% lower risk of premature death. But don’t cross the line from benefit to binge. UC Irvine

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? 10. Staying Silent

Ditch the male stereotype. Experiencing even low-level anxiety. and depression correlates with higher mortality rates. It’s time to talk, gentlemen. BMJ

? 11. Swiping

A life of endless dating may take a toll on your health. People with high cholesterol were 16% more likely to be alive at the end of a 13-year study if they were married rather than single. European Heart Journal

?12. Commuting

Long hours on buses, on trains, and in cars may shorten life spans. Cycling to work, even part of the way, can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. Has exercise ever done us wrong? BMJ

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