Fishing For Semen

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Fish has once again been proven to be healthier for you than most red meat out there. This time its powers extend deep into your loins. A study conducted in the Journal of Nutrition took 150 men with an average age of 30 of whom all presented with fertility problems. The study analyzed the men’s diet and collected over 330 semen specimens that were tested for total sperm count, sperm concentration, mortality, and semen volume.

Questionnaires around the men’s diet of consumed food from the previous year leading up to the study were collected. The questionnaires looked specifically at the amounts of processed red meats (bacon, hamburgers, hot dogs, and deli meats), organ meats, and fish (white meat fish, dark meat fish, and shellfish) consumed.

The results found that men who consumed high amounts of red meat had 23.2% fewer morphologically normal sperm compared to whereas men who consumed high amounts of organ meats had 24.5% higher normal sperm. This the researchers note can be attributed to the organ meats copper content.

When fish is more often consumed and is a part of the men’s diet the higher their total sperm count, sperm concentration, motility, and morphologically normal sperm. Men who were eating more amounts of dark fish like salmon and tuna produced a 51% greater total sperm count than men who ate less of it. Poorer sperm health when consuming a lot of red meat could be due to growth hormones that are administered to livestock suggest researchers.

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