Fibre Could Save Your Heart

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Getting in more fibre could save your heart: a new study found that it can lower your risk of developing coronary heart disease (CHD) and cardiovascular disease (CVD).

Taking in 7 gram of fibre per day was associated with a 9% reduction of CVD risk and CHD risk, while each 7 gram per day increase in insoluble fibre was associated with an 18% reduction in CVD and CHD. Higher intake of fibre from cereal, veg, and fruit was associated with lower CVD risk, but higher fruit fiber intake was not associated with lower risk of CHD. Because CVD and CHD are so common in the population, even small reductions on risk, such as those seen here, could affect thousands of people. I

t’s  easy to increase total fiber intake by 7 grams per day by eating a serving of whole grains plus a serving of beans or lentils or by eating two to four servings of fruit and vegetables, say the authors of the study. Check out How To Eat More Fibre.

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