Feel Threatened About Your Masculinity? Read This

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Feeling threatened about your masculinity? Well, it’s time to man up, buddy.

Imagine this: Your masculinity was under attack, what would your first form of defence be?  Show your buddies pictures of a hot girl that just messaged you or have a beer drinking competition.

Masculinity is a major issue in society which runs deep, ranging from who can bench press the most to how many girls you can pick up at a party. It is all about showcasing your male superiority which is something that all men take seriously, as no man wants to be called feminine or ‘soft’.

According to a new study done by researchers at the University of Washington, they found that men tend to make up for their ‘lack’ of masculinity in other ways. This can manifest itself in two ways: denying the feminine and playing up their manliness.

Using college students from Stanford University, they were given a masculinity and attribute test (number of sexual partners, height). The results that were given to them were false in order to see what they would do if their masculinity was called into question.

Guys that were told they are average for their gender were not particularly chuffed and expressed dislike for feminine products. However they did not gleefully express joy for the more masculine products and of course emphasized their aggressiveness.

On the other hand, those that received positive feedback on the masculinity test had no need to exaggerate on the attribute test.

So the next time, you want to get your buddy all vexed up, just tell him he has a “baby face” and watch what follows next,  as studies show that “they are more likely to assert their aggression by being more hostile and committing more crimes than men who are more “chiselled.”


– Alice Paulse