Farting Sign Of Good GI Health?

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Farting infront of people is embarrassing, but it could also speak volumes about your gastrointestinal (GI) health – because there’s a Dirty Secret to Perfect Health.

Flatulence, especially SBD (silent but deadly) ones could be an indication of a health digestive tract, according to a recent report.

Gastroenterologist Purna Kashyap from the Mayo Clinic was quoted saying that “eating food that causes gas is the only way for microbes in the gut to get nutrients.” He studies the interaction between gut bacteria and dietary carbs. When microbes in the gut digest carbs, gas is produced – but also molecules that boost immune function, protect gut lining and help prevent infections.

When we eat foods like cabbage and broccoli, our microbiome can produce smelly sulfides. But it’s not a complete stinker: when the microbiome utilises other gases to produce sulfides, less gas is produced. As many as 18 flatulent episodes daily is normal, says Kashyap.

He however warns that if gas and bloating causes you problems, consult your GP.