Blue Balls: Fact or Fiction?

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It’s fair to say most men have experienced blue balls at least once in their lifetime. You were most likely sexually frustrated at the time —Blue balls is totally real.

Let me guess? You were making out, it led to foreplay and then… nothing. “Not Here” she might’ve said. So, what are blue balls?

According to Medical Daily “As a man becomes sexually aroused, the arteries carrying blood to his genitals enlarge, while the veins carrying blood away constrict. This traps the blood in the genitals, helping him maintain an erection. It also swells the testes to 25 to 50 percent larger than their normal size. Soon, the man will reach orgasm and everything in the genitals will return to their normal state. Unfortunately, in this case, he doesn’t. Blood Pressure continues to build in the genitals through a process called vasocongestion, which makes it feel like someone is squeezing the testes”

How to get rid of it?

Having an orgasm and ejaculating is the easiest way to find relief from blue balls, and since it’s not going to come from having sex, you’re going to have to spread the baby gravy my friend. The pain and swelling should go down. If masturbation isn’t an option – the pain will eventually still subside as the blood and fluids drain out. It’ll just take a bit longer.