Effective Acne Treatment Finally Spotted?

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Acne can be a nightmare, even to the most inflated egos. While most products over-promise on results, new research published online at Skin & Allergy News suggests destroying the very gland responsible for acne.

But is destroying sebaceous glands the answer to clear skin?

The treatment employs gold nanoparticles and laser therapy to keep sebum inside the glands.  In a small Polish study, adults who suffer from acne received a topical massage with gold nanoparticle solution as well as laser irradiation and saw a 34% reduction in acne lesions after 12 weeks compared to a control group cleansing skin with salicylic acid – the most common active ingredient in OTC acne meds.

A 7 month follow-up revealed a 6% reduction in inflamed skin (without any side-effects) in individuals treated with gold nanoparticles and lasers. The treatment is still, however, being developed.