Eat Your Water

Men's Health |

News splash: you can get a lot of the hydration you need from food.

And that doesn’t mean buying a bag of watermelons, either. Just eating a potato will hydrate you to the equivalent of a small glass of water, meaning you can finally stop carrying around that bottle of aqua all day. So start factoring in what you eat in order to hit the recommended 1.2 litres a day. This table shows how much water you’ll consume with your steak supper, without actually glugging a single drop. Hallelujah! Irrigating no 
longer needs to be irritating.

85g sirloin steak – 42.9ml water = double shot

140g broccoli – 125ml water = small wine glass

150g baked potato – 112ml water = quadruple shot

150ml red wine – 126.5ml water = small wine glass

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