Eat Nuts, Live Longer

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Nuts about life? Then best you start stuffing your face with nuts: a new study found that frequently eating nuts can prolong your life and lower disease-specific death. See why else nuts are good for you.

Researchers analysed data from 76, 464 women who took part in a follow-up Nurses Health Study and 42, 498 men who took part in a follow-up Health Professionals Study. During 30 years of follow-up, 16, 200 women in the Nurses Health Study died and 11, 229 men in the Health Professionals Study died. There was a difference among people who frequently ate nuts compared to those who did not: they were leaner, less likely to smoke, more likely to exercise and were generally more health conscious.

Researchers found that after controlling for all these factors, as frequency of nut consumption increased, the risk of all-cause and several disease-specific causes of death decreased. There was a 20% lower risk of all-cause death among those who ate nuts seven or more times a week. A serving of nuts five or more times a week was associated with an 11% lower risk of cancer-related death, a 24% lower risk of death from respiratory disease, a 25% lower risk of cardiovascular-related death and a 29% lower risk of heart disease.

Both peanuts and tree nuts showed to have similar effects on lowering mortality. In this observational study, researchers have not established cause and effect.




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