Do You Love Your Penis?

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Most Men Take Pride In Their Package

During the development of appropriate measurable questions for a system to rate male genital self-image researchers found men that had a positive image of their genitals also had better scores on the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF). Questions centered around size, appearance, sexual function, and pride. A sample of American men taking the Male Genital Self-Image Scale (MGSIS) showed heterosexual males felt better about their genitals than individuals choosing “other” as their sexual orientation. Over 90% of men were comfortable with their partner viewing their genitals, but only 25% were comfortable with medical exams of the area. Twenty percent of men expressed some degree of dissatisfaction with their size. The study suggests a man’s self perceptions about his genitals may change throughout his life in response to age, recent sexual experiences, and medical conditions. No stated inferences discussed whether positive sexual experiences led to positive genital image or vice versa.

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