Do You Have A Drinking Problem?

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Men don’t like to ask for help. We hate it. Of the guys who actually do visit their GP, 80% of appointments are initiated by their partners. Even male cancer helplines get more calls from women. But this is not a telling off. This is a DIY physical that will alert you to any minor glitches in your health, all without spending half a working day in a musty waiting room.

What You Do
Lift up your shirt and look down at the margins between your bottom ribs. You’re looking for tiny red or purple veins that are visible.

Now pull your shirt back down and turn over your hand. Inspect your palm for any new or unexplained redness in the skin around the outside when held open.

Your Diagnosis
Both results can be signifiers of alcohol abuse, by which we mean that you are drinking too much too often. “The blotches on your ribs are a sign of congestion of the blood supply around the liver,” explains Asher. “Redness on your palms is caused by increased blood flow to the tiny capillaries, due to an increase of nitric oxide. It can be an early sign of even slight liver cirrhosis.” Online unit trackers are of some use but the best judge is, and always will be, you. Be honest, are you drinking a bit much? Do you have a drinking problem? If so it could be time to can the mid-week sessions.

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