Chronic Stimulation Can Damage Brain

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For our brains to function properly, we require small blood vessels in the brain that can deliver oxygen and nutrients as our brains require high energy. According to a new mice study, chronic stimulation can reduce microvascular growth in the brain by 80% to 90%, compared to when unstimulated. In the study, mice underwent continual whisker manipulation, prolonged treadmill running, and exposure to chronic noise for five days or more. Persistent stimulation led to permanent changes in the brain of mice, which also happens in humans, say the authors. Repetitive auditory and other forms of stimulation, common in modern society, could lead to permanent brain changes that can make the brain more susceptible to reductions in oxygen supply or to diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and ageing. Check out how to Beat Diabetes, Snack on Cereal to help hypertension risk, and see how Bleach Can Renew Your Skin.

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