CFL Bulbs Bad For Your Skin

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Energy saving bulbs may be good for, well, saving energy. But it may be taking its toll on your skin, found a new study.

The study, which appeared in the British Journal of Dermatology, tested the effects of ultraviolet radiation from energy saving compact fluorescent lights (CFL) when skin was exposed at 5 cm from the light. 200 participants with photosensitivity were exposed to CFL irradiation, while 101 photosensitive patients were exposed to LED lights and 20 with normal skin exposed to CFL.

This led to skin erythema (irritation and redness) in all CFL-exposed groups: some experienced redness, rashes and even hives. However, LED bulb exposure had no negative effects, even in those with photosensitivity, leading researchers to believe that LED light is safer as it lacks UVR emissions. Try Virgin Coconut Oil, which two studies claim have multiple benefits for your skin.