Can Weight Loss Surgery Reduce Ageing?

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Weight loss surgery can do more than just help you shave off the pounds: a new preliminary study shows that it can actually reduce ageing.

This preliminary study found that telomere length, a measure of biological ageing, increased among some people who underwent weight loss surgery. And telomere shortening has been linked to higher BMI, greater risk of age-related disease and reduced lifespan. In previous studies, it was found that telomere length results from weight loss as a result of diet and exercise and not from weight loss surgery. However, in this study, researchers measured telomere length before and after 51 people underwent weight loss surgery, and on average, there were no changes.

But there was a significant telomere lengthening among people who had the highest C-reactive protein or LDL cholesterol at the start of the study. Among those with greater C-reactive protein levels at the start of the study, greater weight loss and increases in HDL were also associated with increased telomere length. Check out these tips to Stop the Clock and see how dilute bleach baths can renew your skin.