Can Bleach Renew Your Skin?

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Bleach isn’t just good for disinfecting your home. A new study found that bleach may be beneficial in treating various skin problems and could help reverse skin ageing. This may sound whack to some of you, but the anti-bacterial properties in bleach makes this possible.

Diluted bleach baths of 0, 005% have long been used to treat moderate to severe eczema, due to its anti-bacterial properties and its ability to kill off viruses. In this study, researchers tested its effect on skin inflammation and ageing, which yielded similar results. After exposing human skin cells to a weak bleach solution, Nuclear Factor kB, a molecule that plays a role in inflammation, was blocked. The dilute bleach baths were then tested on mice with two inflammatory skin diseases – radiation dermatitis and ageing. Mice with radiation dermatitis were given 30 minutes of bleach solution treatments per day, resulting in lesser skin damage, better healing and better hair regrowth than mice bathed in water. The dilute bleach baths were also tested on elderly mice, who appeared to look younger and were found to have an increase in skin thickness as a result.

Dilute bleach baths may have potential for other medical uses, but people are cautioned to use this treatment under the supervision of a doctor, say the authors of the study.


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