Benefits From A Sunburn?

Men's Health |

As surprising as it may sound, a recently published study says sunburn may actually help accelerate the turnover of skin cells.

It could also prevent genetically damaged cells from remaining part of the skin long enough to become cancerous.

Researchers explain that red skin as a result of sun exposure is a response from the body’s immune system and the irritation functions as a catalyst in removing sun damaged skin cells.

It is believed these findings could be used to obtain the effects of UV light without actual exposure.

It might be applied to conditions like psoriasis that currently use UV light therapy in treatment even though it increases the risk of skin cancer.

The experiments supporting this study were conducted on mice and as individual skin responses to sun exposure are dependent on gender, natural skin tone and other genetic factors, future studies would have to be conducted on genetically diverse human subjects.

That said, this is how the sun is killing us.

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