Aspirin: Killing Your Pain, Or Killing You?

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The effects of aspirin on health cuts both ways, according to a new study. But do the benefits of aspirin outweigh the harms? Through a systemic review and meta-analysis, the study found that aspirin use can reduce all-cause mortality by 6% and coronary heart disease by 15%. There was also an indication that aspirin may lower the risk of several cancers. Sound good? It does, doesn’t it? But here’s the bad news: the harms of aspirin include a 37% increased risk of gastrointestinal bleeding, up to 62% higher risk of major bleeds, and a 38% increased risk of hemorrhagic stroke, found the study. So, while aspirin has the potential to improve health in various ways, the widespread use of aspirin among healthy people should be approached with caution because of its potential harms, say the researchers.

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