Are You Doing It For The Likes?

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Sounds like a joke, but it is actually true, as more people have died from trying to take a memorable selfie than being attacked by the sea’s most feared beast-a shark.

2015 has had its fair share of many odd things but this should top the list. As it stands, 12 people have died trying to snap the perfect selfie, whist only eight people have died from a shark attack.

With selfies being associated with narcissism and possible mental health issues, which begs the question: How far will you go to get the most liked selfie on Instagram?

Since the birth of the face-forward camera, people have been taking snaps of their faces, and making them look more appealing using the addition of filters.

It has become a universal craze, as even the Pope has been seen featured in selfies. So what does it mean if you’re a selfie daredevil?

A recent study published in the Personality and Individual Differences journal, headed up by Jesse Fox, an assistant professor of Communications at Ohio State University; said that “, said selfie sticks are leading to further isolation from a generation already face-deep in their phones.”

The study looked at the link between selfies and narcissism, Fox found that men who post more selfies scored higher on the narcissism scale. On the subject of objectifying, this is what Fox had to say:

“They were also more likely to self-objectify, meaning they focused more on their own appearance as their traits of merit rather than their personalities.”

Selfie Addiction

A psychologist, David Seal found that taking selfies can become an addiction, as he observed a 19-year-old boy whose selfie addiction became extremely serious, that he would spend up to ten hours a day taking over 200 photos of himself to post online.

How Far Are You Willing To Go?

Steer clear from taking it too far, as it could end up costing you your live. Death-by-selfie has either resulted in falling, or being hit by a train.

According to Medical Daily, “the most recent death featured a tourist at the Taj Mahal, who fell down the stairs while trying to take a selfie with the landmark. Four others met a similar fate to the tourist, while the rest were injured trying to take selfies with a train, or attempting to take photos while on top of dangerous equipment.”

There are instances, that did not result in death but rather injured tourists who tried to take an epic selfie.

Some parks have closed as visitors have tried to take selfies with bears and the Russian Interior Ministry have gone so far as to release brochures warning people about the danger of selfies, remarking that “one could cost your life.”

Time to re-evaluate your selfie-taking picture and with the death toll now surpassing shark attacks; it’s not all about the picture, so beware selfie daredevils.

Whilst there is no harm in taking a selfie, but do it under precaution; hanging off a mountain might go viral but it spells danger.

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Alice Paulse