Are You A Dog Or Cat Person?

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How much do you love your pet?

A Harris Interactive poll found that dog owners spend more than cat owners in caring for their pets. Almost half of dog owners spent over 50 dollars per month on canine provisions such as food, toys, grooming necessities and veterinary care. In contrast only 37% of cat owners spend over 50 dollars per month. Dog owners are more likely than cat owners to throw their pets a birthday celebration (32% compared to 25%). More pets are also being covered by pet insurance, up 2% over the past year to 9% of family pets being insured. Fifteen percent of pet owners admit to spending over 100 dollars per month pampering their four-legged family members. Even upon their passing, pets are being treated as family members with 16% of those surveyed reporting they have held or attended a funeral service for a pet.

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