Are Steroids Illegal?

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Neither the police nor the Medicines Control Council have enough dedicated staff to effectively police the explosion in steroid use. However, both are improving their skills and are currently investigating 
a few big syndicates with international links.

The World Anti-Doping Agency is also preparing a new code, due to take effect in 2015. It requires law enforcement agencies to share information on doping syndicates from country to country, and the agency is considering making it illegal for an athletes to work with coaches, medics or other support staff who had been involved in doping before.

But not all steroids are illegal.

Here’s the rundown:

1. It is illegal to use steroids for muscle building in South Africa. Anabolic steroids may only be used for medical conditions related to muscle wastage and hormone shortages.

2. It’s illegal for anyone besides a doctor, pharmacist or other health professional to sell anabolic steroids, or anything labelled as such.

3. It’s also illegal to have them in your possession without a prescription.

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