Am I Stuck With A Squeaky Voice?

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A deeper voice sounds more manly. Here’s how to achieve Barry White status

Basically. Surgery on your vocal cords is too risky. And don’t try to compensate by talking louder – it sounds worse. But sometimes a high voice is just a habit left over from childhood, says otolaryngologist, Dr Gwen Korovin. A speech-language pathologist can help you find your natural voice, or you can use these techniques from Dr Morton Cooper, author of Change Your Voice, Change Your Life:

  1. Press your finger into your solar plexus, just below your sternum.

Keep your mouth closed as you hum. Then open your mouth, make an “ah” sound, and jiggle your finger. This is the natural pitch of your voice. Do this for five minutes a day and your range will come down. It’s like muscle memory for your voice box.

2. Listen to a deep-voiced person, such as Barry White or Darth Vader, and then imitate him. (This is best performed alone in your room.) “Focusing on your lower resonance will make your voice sound much lower than it actually is,” says speech pathologist, Dr Doug Montequin.