7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting An Aloe Vera Plant

Sunburnt? Use Aloe Vera gel. Minor cut? Use Aloe Vera gel. The plant has a myriad of benefits, making it an incredibly useful addition to your household.

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If you’re a one-solution-to-many-problems kind of guy, you might want to think about growing some aloe vera in your backyard. The succulent plant is nothing short of a miracle worker. Sunburnt? Use Aloe Vera gel. Minor cut? Use Aloe Vera gel.

With its myriad of benefits, the succulent will make a useful addition to your yard, and can also be kept as a potted plant. But if you haven’t got green fingers, don’t worry. Many companies are now incorporating the plant into their products – allowing you to reap the benefits without doing all the work.

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These are the reasons you should consider climbing aboard the Aloe Vera train.

1. It’s good for your teeth.

You’re brushing twice a day and yet you’re still developing cavities. Add an extra layer of defence by using tooth gels with Aloe Vera. In the fight against cavities, researchers found that Aloe Vera in tooth gels was just as effective and in some cases better than commercial toothpastes at controlling cavity causing oral bacteria.

That’s because the Aloe Vera gel contains compounds that actively heal and reduce pain. The compound called anthraquinone and is a natural anti-inflammatory. Because it’s a natural ingredient, its effects are less-harsh, making it ideal for those with sensitive teeth and gums.

Try: ESI Aloe Fresh Toothpaste Whitening (R69,00)

2.It treats sunburn (and other mild burns).

You’re out playing beach volleyball with your mates. One hour turns into four and the idea of applying sunscreen slips your mind. Next morning you wake up with sunburn on your face and back, making movement feel like torture.

For times like these, the gel from an Aloe Vera plant is super handy. The gel has healing properties. Slathering it on your skin not only soothes your skin, but will help prevent peeling generally associated with sunburn.

The soothing effects of the gel also works for other minor burns, and helps stop the itch associated with it.

Don’t have a plant at your disposal? Try Clicks’ Aloe Vera Skin Gel or this Totally Wild Organic Aloe Gel

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3. It’s also good for insect bites.

With the weather heating up, more insects are crawling from the space they were hiding in during the winter months. Leaving your window open at night is basically an open invitation to be bitten.

Once bitten, aloe vera gel can provide relief to your itchy skin. Use the same products you would use to treat sunburn.

4. It can clear up your skin.

Struggling with acne? Rub some aloe vera gel on your skin. Thanks to the anti-bacterial properties of the plant, it’s an effective way to keep your skin clear and hydrated. It’s also been used to treat acne and psoriasis.

A study in the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences found that aloe can be used to lighten dark spots, bruises or stretch marks. It’s also the ideal treatment if you’ve cut yourself shaving.

Try: Light Everyday Facial Lotion from Aloe Unique (R120)

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5. Moisturises Your Hair.

Sure spending all day on the beach is good for your soul, but it’s not so great for your hair. Exposure to the sun and sea can dry your hair out. Keep your hair moisturised this summer by washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner imbued with aloe vera.

Aloe vera contains a proteolytic enzyme which can repair dead skin cells on the scalp. Using it helps to encourage hair growth, leaves your hair shiny and prevents itchiness on your scalp. Winning.

Try Africa Organics Marula Shampoo  (R21.50) as well as Africa Organics Marula Conditioner (R21.50)

6. It aids digestion.

Aloe vera is said to be a natural laxative. Including the plant’s extract in a juice is supposed to improve your digestion and can help if you’re struggling with constipation.

Warning: If you suffer from Crohn’s Disease, be careful when consuming aloe. Over consumption can lead to stomach cramps and diarrhoea. Aloe also lowers blood sugar, which is ideal for those struggling with diabetes. But if you already have low blood sugar, be careful when consuming products with aloe.

For those wanting to improve their digestion, try Organic Aloe 24/7 Juice- Cinnamon and Honey 

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7. It’ll keep your pets smelling clean.

If we’ve got you hooked on aloe vera, get your pets in on the action, too. Its moisturising benefits extend to their furry coats. Keep it shiny, smooth and smelling fresh with Natura Pets Hypo Allergen Pet Wash (R85) . For bug bites, use Natura Pets Itch Relief (R66), it has mild anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, ensuring that your dogs’ skin goes undamaged.

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