Achieving Your Belly Off! Boosts Your Brain

Men's Health |

Just as being obese harms organs like your heart, your brain is also affected by the additional weight. However shedding the kilos can also reverse the damaging effects, according to a new study.

The obese women in the study showed had higher levels of “cerebral metabolic activity”— that is the rate at which the brain metabolises sugar. Scientists believe that the higher metabolic rate in the brain may be linked to higher risk of diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

The good news though, is that the effects seem to be reversible, according to the study. People in the study underwent bariatric surgery – a type of surgery, which either removes belly fat or shortens the distance food that food has to travel through the digestive tract.

The scientists found an improvement in their brain function and a reduction in the rate at which their brains metabolise sugar.
Surgery should be a last resort for trying to lose weight, instead why not join our Belly Off! Challenge.