6 Products That Will Give Every Type Of Sleeper A Better Night’s Sleep

Whether you’re a sweaty sleeper, a heavy breather or a chronic alarm-snoozer, we’ve found the sleep secrets that will help you get in some quality ZZZs.

Kelleigh Korevaar, Dr. Winter |

You can’t overstate it: sleep is crucial for immunity, athletic performance, memory, learning, maintaining weight, and being effective on the job. Recent studies indicate that what matters most is not the quantity but the quality. Specifically, the time you spend each night in a restorative sleep stage called N3. Are you ready to finally wake up refreshed?

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We’ve rated the best snooze aids and found out what works, what doesn’t and what sends you into sweet slumber.

Use the “Z” Key to figure out if you’re ready to rock ‘n roll straight into bed with these products:

For The Over-Heater

Say hello to Protect-A-Bed’s Therm-A-Sleep Collection and goodbye to sweaty sleeping. This innovative new sleep technology is a game changer for all those whose sleep is interrupted by sweating, overheating and restlessness from being in an overly warm bed.

Thanks to the latest in fibre and fabric technology, this range of cooling mattress protectors has a temperature-regulating sleep surface that’s effective even through sheets. You’ll have a more consistent and restful sleep. No need to thank us for putting you onto this sweet slumber secret.

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Available exclusively at selected Dial-a-Bed stores, the Therm-A-Sleep Collection of mattress protectors comes in three ranges (Snow, Cloud and Cool) with varying comfort levels and thermo regulating qualities to offer a consistent, less interrupted sleep.

To find out more, visit your nearest Dial a Bed store.

For The New-Age Shop-Avoiders

The Meelu Mattress (R7000, Buy It Here) is the first of its kind in SA. Meelu is a space-age mattress that comes in a box (free delivery) and offers a 100-night trial. This is perfect for cutting out middlemen and avoiding stores.

And this mattress in a box packs some serious benefits. It’s made up of four layers so that you can have your best sleep all night, every night. The Meelu is made from gel infused memory foam, high resilience bounce foam, high density resilience foam and high density support foam.

For The Old-School Insomniacs

If you're someone who gets irritated by sound, you need to learn about white noise. Yes, we're talking making noise to mask noise. White noise is a special type of sound that masks background noises.

The Marpac Dohm DS, a white-noise machine, has been around for over 50 years, but it’s still the standard. Nothing really compares to the depth of sound the Marpac Dohm DS (R2 245, Buy It Here) produces. It’s what MH sleep advisor, Dr. Winter, uses.

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And it’s not hard to see why. They can block out sounds from busy cities, noisy neighbours, crying children and snoring bed-sharers.

"I have four of these. I love them. I give them as gifts to every friend who has a new baby. My first was for an open office to help drown out private conversations from a nearby kitchen that I really didn't want to hear. My second was for my first baby. We got a third when my second was born and finally I got my own so I could sleep through my husband's snoring." - FAS

For The Heavy Breathers

The Comfort Pedic Stop-Snore Pillow (R399.95, Buy It Here) has a unique shape that helps sleepers keep their air passages open during sleep.

The memory foam contours to your body weight and heat so that your head and neck are perfectly supported to provide a proper sleep. This pillow sure is a much more comfortable snore-stopper than some of the gadgets on the market. Who really wants to wear anti-snore gum guards or plug their nose?

It’s not guaranteed to work with everyone, but at this price point, it’s worth trying.

For The Routine Rebels

Sleep Genius (R59, Buy It Here) is the best sleeping app you’ll find (especially with regard to providing a wake-up alarm); it’ll help provide some structure and practical help in getting more quality duvet time.

It's got some serious science behind it as it was created by the world’s top in neuroscience, sleep, sound, and music. Sleep Genius was born out of research done on how they could get astronauts to sleep. If it's good enough for NASA, it's good enough for us.

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"I've tested a couple of apps that have tried fooling me into believing it works... This one is friggen awesome. Sweet dreams ;)" - Nixygrl


For The Stylish Sleepers

Try the Fitbit Alta HR (R2 499, Buy It Here). This do-it-all wearable uses heart rate changes and movement to help you assess sleep stages and overall quality. Convenient and stylish, it syncs wirelessly with your phone. And it's not just sleep it measures, you can get an audit of your overall quality of life.

"There’s a saying that you can’t control what you can’t measure. The new Fitbit Alta HR measures some of your most important health indicators and makes it surprisingly fun and easy to understand them. After a month of using my Fitbit Alta HR, I’ve lost a couple of kilos without really trying and become hooked on the health insights it provides," says Allison Westwood. Read the full review here.


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