4 Signs That You Might Have A Calcium Deficiency

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Here is something you’re probably not aware of: Four common problems that are caused by a deficiency in calcium…

According to the U.S Institute of Medicine, 99 % of your body’s calcium is stored in your bones and teeth. That’s when tooth decay and cavities start to creep up.

Sleep Problems

Having difficulty sleeping? Insomnia some say? It’s time to think about how vital sleep is for your bone health. Recent studies have shown that a lack of sleep could prevent the formation of new bone. Never thought that a lack of calcium is related to your sleep cycle? When your calcium level increases to normal, that’s when your sleep cycle will be restored and you’ll get a good night’s snooze.

Difficulty Shedding Kilos

Surely, a very frustrating issue, which could have you feeling helpless. Yes, the inability to shed a few kilos has also been linked to a lack of this mineral. Calcium stored in fat cells helps to control the processing and storage of fat in your body.

Weirdly enough, fat cells that have more calcium actually burn more fat, leading to dropping kilos. Try adding extra calcium rich foods to a lower calorie diet and you could start seeing great benefits.

Brittle Nails

This is another important sign of a deficiency in your body. Cannot figure out why your nails are weak and keep on peeling even though you go for regular manicures? Just like your teeth and bones, your nails require sufficient calcium to grow healthy and remain strong.


A health issue that you’re probably never heard of but could’ve experienced. That tingling, numbness or an impaired sense of touch? Paresthesia is a symptom of the nervous system that is not functioning correctly, but also a sign of a calcium deficiency.

Muscle cramps or a rough hair condition could also be signs of a calcium deficiency.

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4 Signs That You Might Have A Calcuim Deficiency

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