4 Quick Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen

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Your home comes with a built-in canteen – and it offers more than takeaways. Start cooking

1. Work The Room

Guys who cook most of their meals at home eat cleaner and healthier than those who have it done for them, according to research from the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

2. The Trifecta

For optimal efficiency, arrange your appliances and instruments in what architects call a work triangle, with clear and direct routes between prep, cooking and clean-up.

3. Lock It Up

Even brief exposure to the sight and smell of food has been shown to increase appetite, according to research published in the Inter- national Journal of Obesity. But that study was based on slices of pizza. Easy fix: keep cheat meals under lock and key.

4. Yes, Crockery Counts

A study from Deakin University shows that eating off smaller plates helps you consume smaller portions, and another one from the Journal of Consumer Research suggested that a plate of a contrasting colour to your food will help you eat less.


Believe in flower power. Your cognitive performance is far better when you’re in the presence of greenery, according to research published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology. Another benefit: your partner will love them.