4 First-Aid Upgrades

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You should already have gauze pads, plasters, painkillers and wipes in your first-aid kit. Bolster it with these 4 First-Aid Upgrades

1. Duct Tape
It’s waterproof, super-sticky, and versatile. “Pack multiuse things that are hard to improvise,” says Dr Matthew Stauffer, a Wilderness Medicine Institute instructor.

2. Tegaderm
It’s perfect for covering road rash, burns, and abrasions. Brian Webster, a fellow for the Academy of Wilderness Medicine, calls this stuff “Gore-Tex for your skin.” (Tegaderm dressing R418, wantitall.co.za).

3. Safety Pins
They require next to no room in your pack – and are just as multi­purpose as that duct tape. Use them to extract splinters, for example, or to turn a shirt into a sling.

4. 3M Vetrap
Vetrap is designed to wrap horses’ ankles, but you don’t have to be Seabiscuit to benefit. “It’s like an Ace bandage that sticks to itself,” says Stauffer. (R293, wantitall.co.za).