3 Ways To Reduce Your Risk Of Heart Disease

September is heart and stroke awareness month. Use these simple tips to drastically reduce your risk!

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Heart disease and strokes affect both men and women, yet most people don’t recognise how easy it is to avoid serious risk of heart disease.

September is heart and stroke awareness month, so here are three ways to drastically reduce your risk:

Exercise Regularly

The first step to healing your heart is to adopt some form of exercise. You need to exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes a day at least five days a week to promote a healthy heart. Exercise is more effective at reducing the risks for heart disease than any pills a doctor can prescribe.

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Eat A Balanced Diet And Quit Smoking

In addition, simple changes such as a balanced diet, avoiding saturated fats and leaving cigarettes behind can all have a large impact on your health.

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Get Your Cholesterol And Blood Pressure Checked

An annual cholesterol screening test is important, especially if you’re over 35. Discuss the results with a trained medical professional who will consider your results in combination with other risk factors. Having consistently high blood pressure, regardless of whether it’s caused by lifestyle or familial factors, will increase your risk.

Don’t let another season pass you by without taking ownership of your health, as you age you become more likely to develop heart disease.

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