Embarrassing Penis Questions Answered

Your most embarrassing questions answered.

No, Dr. Kok isn’t a catchy pseudonym we’ve come up with for the man who’s responsible for answering your most embarrassing penis and sex questions.

Dr. Etienne Kok is the real McCoy: a medical practitioner, certified psychosexologist and senior lecturer in the Department of Urology at the University of Pretoria and Steve Biko Academic Hospital. He deals primarily with individuals and couples with sexual dysfunctions and relationship problems.

You inboxed us your most embarrassing questions about your penis and sex life. Dr. Kok, Pharma Dynamics’ sexual health advisor sheds some light.

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1. How Do I Control Early Ejaculation?

2. Can I Boost My Testosterone Levels?

3. Can I Improve The Quantity and Quality Of My Sperm?

4. How Can I Stay Erect For Longer?

5. Are There Natural Ways To Increase Penis Size?

6. Are There Surgical Procedures For Penis Enlargement?

7. How Do I Get Rid Of Pearly Penile Papules?

8. Could Weight Lifting And Supplement Use Affect Penis Size?

9. Why Is It So Difficult To Get Hard After The First Round?

10. I’m Erect Until It’s Time For Sex. What Goes?

11. Is It Normal To Have A Low Sex Drive At 39?

12. My Penis Differs In Size When Erect. Is This Normal?

13. My Libido Lowers When I Exercise. What’s The Problem?

14. I Have Trouble Ejaculating When I Have Sex. What Goes?

15. I Take Forever To Ejaculate. Could It Be Psychological?

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