14 Sugar-Free Treats You Need In Your Desk Drawer For When Those Sugar Cravings Kick In

Caving to your sugar cravings can be guilt-free with one of these sugar-free options.

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It’s no secret that sugar is bad for you; there have been hundreds of studies that have shown that. But most of us think that consuming sugar is a necessary (and enjoyable) evil. After all it’s in almost everything; even foods like tinned tomatoes are packed full of sugar.

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It’s even worse if you have a sweet tooth! Each bite feels like you’re selling your soul, but it doesn’t have to be like that. There are so many brands available in South Africa right now that are making sugar-free sweets to beat those cravings. And they all taste sinfully good without the any of the guilt. Here are 14 you need to sneak into your desk:

Caring Candies Sugar-Free Sourz

These sourz are vegan and diabetic-friendly, gluten-free, allergen- free, fat-free and sugar-free. They’re free from almost everything except fantastic, fruity flavour and that, they pack to the max. They’re also the only brand of diabetic confectionery to be certified Kosher.

Sugar substitute: Plant-derived, Isomalt

Rad review: “So good to give a sweet without the sugar rush. Really tasty sweets :)” - Kerryn

(R30, Buy It Here)

Amajoya Sugar-Free Buttermint Candy

The buttermint drops of joy were born in Africa, so even if they didn’t taste like everything good in the world, you kind of have to slip these into your drawer. It would be very unpatriotic of you if you didn't! Amajoya has proven that local really is lekker. They’re a classic you’ve probably been chomping on without even realising it’s sugar free.

Sugar substitute: Plant-derived, Isomalt

Rad review: “The taste is amazing! Would buy it many times again” - JL

(R21.99, Buy It Here)

deBRON Sugar-Free Cherry Gums

These sweets are one of the leading brands in sugarless sweets thanks to their texture and high quality. People love that although they lack the one ingredient that makes up most sweets (seriously most sweets are like 100% sugar), a lot of care has been put into making sure they taste just as good.

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Sugar substitute: Malitol syrup

Rad review: “Yum yum yum yum yum! Lovely flavour and lovely soft chewy texture. I'm so glad I made use of the repeat ordering option. I suppose if I was being hyper-critical I could say that the individual gums are fairly huge, with two 'gummy cherries' and a couple of 'gummy leaves' forming each individual sweet.” – Dat Managen

(R30.95, Buy It Here)

Superfoods Raw Chocolate Zero Added Sugar

This chocolate is not only guilt-free, it’s actually really good for you too. We’re not talking about the “cocoa is a bean, beans are vegetables, vegetables are good for you” argument. We’re talking 65% dark, raw cacao, 35% superfoods and superherbs and 100% delicious. It’s got ingredients of goodness we can’t even pronounce; mesquite, lucuma fruit, hemp, baobab fruit, maca root, moringa leaf and spirulina.

Sugar substitute: No added sugar

Rad review: “My grandma has diabetes but still loves eating sweets no matter how I try to convince her otherwise, hence this is a great alternative to sugared chocolate. A huge added bonus is that I'm also sneakily supplementing her with superfoods! I eat it too, since it tastes great!” - Gabs

(R63, Buy It Here)

Moonbean Unbakery Caramal Crunch Snackaroons

They're made of dairy-free caramel and organic ingredients prepared at low temperatures to preserve the minerals and vitamins. These handcrafted morsels are more-ish to the max!

Sugar substitute: No added sugar

Rad review: “How in the world do you get the self-discipline to not eat them all in one go! I savour every bite.” - Chris

(R36, Buy It Here)

Gayleens Turkish Rose Soft-Centred Bar

Made with dark chocolate, the soft Turkish rose centre is flavoured with real essential oil and coloured with beetroot. This natural sweet treat is the perfect bar to keep in your drawer for when you need to grab and go.

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Sugar substitute: Raw honey

Rad review: “Tastes like the real deal. Very yummie and creamy centred goodness.” - Carmen

(R25.50, Buy It Here)

Em-eukal Sugar Free Sweets

These high quality sweets have recently made their way to South African shores all the way from Germany. They were first made by Dr. Carl Soldan over 115 years ago. These sweets are made from natural ingredients, contain no artificial colourants or flavourants and are diabetic and vegetarian friendly. They come in four flavours; Eucalyptus, Ginger-Orange, Lemon and Salvia.

Sugar substitute: Plant-derived, Isomalt

(R29, Dis-Chem)

Monate Chocolate Crunchy Peanut Butter Bonbon Truffle

Monate uses ethically sourced ingredients so when you’re snacking on this your body will be happy and so will the environment.  It’s made from handmade chocolate and peanut butter with raw and certified organic ingredients and it’s vegan friendly.

Sugar substitute: Agave nectar

Rad review: “Rich chocolate flavour, soft texture at room temperature and absolutely divine!” - Jyotika

(R26, Buy It Here)

Tantalize Sugar Free Lollipops

Suck on this! These lollipops are great tasting AND they help clean teeth and freshen breath. The polyols have been documented to help in the prevention of tooth decay. So you’ll kick your cravings and have a pearly white smile.

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Sugar substitute: Plant-derived, Isomalt

(R15.39, Buy It Here)

Woolworth’s Fruit Flavoured Wine Gums

These chewy fruit flavoured gums are great to keep around if you need a sweet treat or if you want to bribe your desk mate to get you a cup of coffee.  Woolworth’s has some of the tastiest sweets around and these are no different. Woolworth's also have a pretty wide range of other sugar free snacks to shop too.

Sugar substitute: Malitol

(R22.18, Buy It Here)

Jols Sugar Free Fruit Pastilles

These pastilles are low in fat but high in fibre. They come in a cardboard box with a lid you can flip on and off so they’re perfect to put in your shirt pocket when you’re in for a long meeting at work.

Sugar substitute: Sweetener

Rad review: “Each variety of these little pastilles are made with genuine fruit flavours and fruit juices. Firm but chewable, they contain a nice burst of fruit flavour that lasts in the mouth even after the pastille is gone. These pastilles are both sugar-free and fat-free and each pastille is less than a calorie.” – Doug Erlandson

(R29 , Buy It Here)

Sarah Graham’s Bliss Power Ball

This perfect pre-workout snack has been formulated by Sarah Graham, South African food blogger and cookbook author. The power ball is a natural energy booster containing ingredients that help repair the body, support brain function, balance blood sugar levels and defend against fungal and bacteria. It's loaded with vitamins and minerals and high in natural protein and fibre.

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Sugar substitute:  No added sugar

Rad review: “I was never a big fan of dates but know they are super healthy. This is a tasty treat I would eat anytime!” - KomboKitten

(R21, Buy It Here)

Sugarless Confectionery Vanilla Flavoured Marshmallows

Sugarless Confectionary has a really wide range of sugarless sweets that you wouldn’t even think of, like snaking jellies, marshmallows and candy-coated chocolate beans. Imagine popping one of these in a hot chocolate or getting some marie biscuits and some colleagues and making smores in the kitchen.

Sugar substitute:  Maltitol

Rad review: “These marshmallows taste like the real thing. They are low carb and sugar-free and taste delicious just like a marshmallow should. Will definitely order these again.” – Julie-Anne S.

(R34, Buy It Here)

Velamints Mango Spearmint Sugar Free Gum

Sugar-free gum is popping up in stores everywhere but these mango spearmint gums are bursting with flavour and they’re in a tub that’s perfect for your desk drawer. Plus a survey found that poor grooming has a negative effect on your career advancement and bad breath plays a roll in that!

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Sugar substitute: Steviol glycosides, Xylitol, Sorbitol, Maltitol syrup

(R55.43, Buy It Here)


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