12 Strategies for High Blood Pressure

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Easy solutions to keep your blood pressure under control

High blood pressure is easy to treat and prevent if you follow a couple of simple rules. Dr Robert Rountree has created an easy to remember list:

Things to avoid
– salt
– trans fat and a few plant fats including palm oil
– alcohol,
– environmental toxins and heavy metals
– sweeteners
– worry

Things to embrace
– sleep
– exercise
– a healthly diet
– stress management
– a few specific dietary supplements [coenzyme Q10, fish oil, folic acid, magnesium, and controlled-release melatonin]
– and a few specific herbs (Rauwolfia serpentina, Hibiscus sabdariffa, garlic, and Du Zhong, which is the bark of Eucommia ulmoide)

Here are some easy links to get going on the following suggestions:
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2. How to Smack Stress
3. How to Eat Better: The Mediterranean Diet, Modernised
4. How to Run Better

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