11 Worst Health Mistakes

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Eleven ways you may be sabotaging your health – when you think you’re saving it

Some tasks in life are so mind-numbingly simple that you don’t even think twice about them. You’re essentially on autopilot, feet up in the cockpit, content in the knowledge that you’d have to try to screw these things up.

Or would you? What if you’ve actually been botching things you thought you had mastered long ago? Take flossing: couldn’t be easier, right? You’re probably doing it wrong. And if you aren’t, well, then we’ll bet you don’t know how to dry your hands. Or apply sunscreen. Or slip on a condom. Yes, we mean stuff that simple.

The point is not to make you feel stupid but to help you do something smart. In other words, we want to help you take hold of the controls before you crash. “Making small corrections to the things you’re already doing can have a major impact on your overall health,” says Dr Ted Epperly, the Men’s Health family medicine advisor. Now about that condom…

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