Why I Won’t Give Up My Guns

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While some men get a bang out of guns other people won’t own guns.

Here’s why Martin Hood, spokesperson and legal advisor to the South African Gunowners’ 
Association and an attorney specialising in firearm-related matters, won’t give up his guns.

“Because the Constitution states that I am a free person, I have the freedom of choice, movement and the right to life. I want the right to make my own decisions, such as owning a firearm independently of any dogma or collected 
principles that say I 
cannot. I am an individual and I believe in making my own decisions and not being dictated to by government. Criminals do not obey gun-free sides and prey on the weak and unprotected. I will not be weak or unprotected. Our politicians and mayors have the VIP Protection Unit and armed guards 
to protect them, so 
why can I not have 
the same right?”

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