Why Chris Hemsworth Wants Charlize Theron to Play James Bond

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Thor endorsed the new Atomic Blonde for the secret agent role
By Ian Servantes
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While rumour has it that Daniel Craig will do one more 007 film, that’ll do little to suppress speculation on who will follow him as the next James Bond. Former MH cover guy Idris Elba has been floated and celebrated as a great option, but Chris Hemsworth wants to shake up the world of Ian Flemming even more. In an interview with W Magazine, Thor himself said he wants to see Charlize Theron become the next Bond.

“I’ve made the comment that Charlize Theron should be the next Bond because she scares the hell out of me,” Hemsworth said. “I think she could beat the shit out of me and most villains out there—not saying I’m a villain.”

Theron is already set to kick some ass as a secret agent in Atomic Blonde, which hits theatres at the end of the month. A behind-the-scenes clip shows just how good she became at kicking said ass for the action flick:

“You know I worked with her on Snow White and The Huntsman,” Hemsworth said. “Watching her in those fight scenes doing it in those high heels and an eight-foot long gown was even more impressive. And I just think, ‘Why not, it’s time.”

Indeed, why not? Jodie Whittaker is set to become the first woman to play Dr. Who, so why not have a lady step into the role of the world’s greatest spy as well? If you think her gender precludes her from taking on the role you’re probably a misogynist. Characters change all the time, and Hollywood is better for it.

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