What Is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

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BJJ focuses on grappling and ground-fighting using joint-locks and chokeholds.

The Upa or Top Mount escape

Almost all fights end up on the floor. This technique can be taught in 10 minutes, enabling anyone to escape when an attacker has the dominant position.

The attacker is on top, aiming to punch while the defender is lying on the floor. The first step is to protect your head by placing your knuckles against your head, elbows together.

The defender then “bridges” his hips. To do this, he lifts his hips up off the floor, forcing the attacker to fall forwards and place his hands on the ground to stabilise himself.

The defender grabs the attacker’s right forearm with both hands. He moves the attacker’s wrist forwards and away from him. The attacker’s wrist is circled inwards to the defender’s chest.

The defender places a flat palm on the attacker’s elbow, right hand on his wrist. The elbow is pushed in for leverage, while the attacker’s foot is trapped by the defender’s left ankle.

With his elbow and wrist trapped, the attacker can’t put his hand or foot down for support. The defender bridges again, lifting his hips upwards and twisting to his left for leverage.

Once the defender has bridged, he rolls the attacker onto the ground by twisting his hips for the movement’s power. Now he has the attacker on the floor and can either escape, or attack.

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