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With our investigative articles into The Tim Noakes Diet, we feel partially responsible for these Tim Noakes tweets. An editor for Dazed Magazine in the UK, who also happens to be named Tim Noakes, has reportedly had a lot of nutrition questions thrown at him over Twitter.

Thankfully, the UK Tim Noakes has taken it all in good humour.



Tim Noakes the sports scientist tweets using the handle @ProfTimNoakes. As a tribute to UK Tim’s good humour, we’ve compiled a list of parody accounts that should add some LOLs to your procrastination time.


1. The Peter De Villiers Parody

@Coachdivvy2. Bored Ghost


3. The Alan Garner Parody


4. The LA Fitness Parody


5. KimJongNumberUn

Because sometimes evil (although not endorsed) is funny.


6. Not Mark Zuckerberg



7. Not John Terry


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