There’s A New Star Wars Movie

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Unless your inner nerd is very weak, you would have heard that there’s a new Star Wars movie in the making,  due to be released at the end of 2015.

The main cast members were revealed yesterday and included a few interesting choices.

All the Old People Are Back

Many members of the original Star Wars cast will feature in the new film.

Star Wars’ fans are celebrating the return of characters such as Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo and Chewbacca, but do audiences really want to be reminded of how old the actors (and the rest of us) have become.

Seeing Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) as a 58 year old, instead of the sex symbol actress from a galaxy far far away, may seem like an unpleasant mind trick to fans. Similarly Mark Hamill, who played galactic Jedi hero Luke Skywalker, seems to be a worthy candidate for the Belly-Off Challenge nowadays.

Fisher in 2009  and Fisher in the 1970s (Wikipedia)
Fisher in 2009 and Fisher in the 1970s (Wikipedia)
Hamill in 2010 and Hamill in the 1970s (Wikipedia)
Hamill in 2010 and Hamill in the 1970s (Wikipedia)

There are some new people, but no-one has heard of them
The new villain will reportedly be played by Adam Driver (“Girls”). Other new additions include Oscar Isaac (“Inside Llewyn Davis”), John Boyega (“Attack the Block”) and a previously unknown actress Daisy Ridley, who didn’t have her own Wikepedia page when the cast was announced.

The director also decided to cast another person over the age of sixty, veteran Swedish actor Max von Sydow(85). Andy Serkis, who played Gollum in Lord of The Rings, will also feature in the new Star Wars movie.

Disney’s decision not to splash out on a star-studded cast may prove to be a smart one. The current cast is said to have cost less than what Disney had to pay Robert Downey, Jr. to come back as Iron Man in the second Avengers movie.

Some People Are Missing
There is no sign yet that Yoda will appear in the new film. He did die in an early film (although thanks to the force, death doesn’t stop living characters from communicating with him per se).

Jar Jar Binks has thankfully not been spotted. Mee-sa thinks that was a good idea, as many fans found him less of a comic relief and more of an irritation.

George Lucas is not directing this 7th Star Wars film, instead JJ Adams (Star Trek, Mission Impossible) will be tasked with ensuring it’s not a flop, Lucas will be on hand to consult.

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