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It’s the key to fewer sick days, according to research at the University of Texas. People working in a creative environment are 60 percent healthier than people with no creative control at work. As a result, they have stronger immune systems, suffer less stress-related illnesses and are less likely to call in sick.


A quick talk by the printer makes you smarter, advises the University of Michigan. “Socialising is as effective as more traditional kinds of mental exercise in boosting intellectual performance,” says Professor Oscar Ybarra. “A daily 10 minute chat to a friend could keep you as sharp as doing a crossword for the same amount of time.”


Classical improves creativity; bad background “music” is bad for your health. Studies show it raises blood pressure and suppresses the immune system. “The less control you have over what you hear, the less you like it,” says professor John Sloboda, of Keele University. So next time someone wants to play Mika…

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