The Ultimate To-Do List

Men's Health |

Every guy wants to be a better man. Start reinventing yourself with these simple goals

1. Resist porn.

Don’t watch sex; experience it with that underserved woman in your bed. She’s waiting for a suggestion. Make it.

2. Try four things you’ve decided you hate.

The ballet. Brussels sprouts. French lessons. Yoga. Why? Because two of them will work for you.

3. Play hooky a few Wednesdays.

Ignore voice messages and e-mail. Break rules like a 15-year-old whose parents are in Europe.

4. Make Mexican your default health food.

Really, is there better eating than chicken, black beans, guacamole and fresh salsa slopped on a plate?

5. Build a bigger chest by March.

Your simple plan: get 24 out on DVD and do 10 push-ups every time someone is tortured.

6. Suspend judgment of others on the highway.

You make mistakes, too. Your last words shouldn’t be “I’ll show that bastard how to change lanes…”

7. Drink two fewer beers per week.

That’s 65 200 fewer kilojoules in a year, and 2.3 kilograms off by December.

8. Seduce her. Again.

You’ll be a happier person overall. No partner? Grabbing yourself works, too.

9. Find a new way to pleasure her.

Just starting the discussion can only lead to good things.

10. Set a goal.

Tell no one. You’re the only audience that matters. Master options trading? Hone your sandtrap exit strategies? Adopt a ladies-first approach to orgasm? You can do it, man!

11. Weigh yourself every morning.

You’ll be 29 percent less likely to gain two kilograms. Really.

12. That money-making scheme of yours?

Chat up five people who know the field and five potential customers. Your next steps will become obvious to you.

13. Once a month, remind your boss you have balls.

His authority goes only so far.

14. Learn all about fish – how to buy it, prep it, cook it.

Because any man can dial takeaway. But if you know fish, you’ll eat smarter and live better and longer.

15. End a feud.

Divert that energy into reviving poker night or some other buddy ritual. You need friends, too.

16. Savour her.

Catch her eye. Steal her heart. Feeling especially daring? Take her hand.

17. Start now.

Positive changes, just like winning streaks, have a momentum all of their own. Once you make the first change, the rest will follow easily.