The Benefits Of Stand-Up Paddling

Men's Health |

Four real life skills you gain from SUP.

Standing up on a floating board and paddling through water for forward propulsion engages both the anterior (the vanity muscles on the front of your body) and the posterior (heavy lifting muscles at the back) muscle chains. All this muscle activity equals some serious core muscle strengthening.

SUP will give you a six-pack, guaranteed, but you’ll also gain a defined chest, arms, legs and strengthen your feet, which will help your transition to barefoot running. You won’t get huge but you’ll get toned and defined.

While it is a growing sport, SUP is great cross-training for other sports because of the heavy core focus and cardiovascular benefits. The name of the game when it comes to stand-up paddling is balance – and balance is the key to any movement. Think of it as action yoga.

What if I told you that you don’t need to sit in a lotus pose to meditate? Whenever you get in that zone where you’re at one with your activity, like when you hit a rhythm in your WOD or when you get in your stride while running, that’s meditation. Now add water, a paddle and a board.

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