Plan A Great Escape

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Want to sequester yourself (and your travel pals) from humanity? Use these surefire tactics

Rent an island

If you want an island all to yourself, you may have to rent it for the week, not the weekend. But that’s a little pricey. So why not take a trip to a faraway fantasy spot? Consider the white-sand beaches of Dream Island in Tahiti, or Taprobane, off Sri Lanka. If you want to stay African side, try Inhaca Island in Mozambique or avoid the Joburg crowds that flock to Mauritius and take some time off in Madagascar.

Blaze your own trail

Plan a hike that doesn’t involve big elevation changes; if you’re solo, keep the challenge modest. Carry your cellphone with the number of important emergency services. Pack a lightweight rain cover, water, a butane lighter and an old CD to signal others for help if you get lost. Just want a low-stress stroll in the veld? Head to a common hiking path around 10am on a weekday, preferably after a holiday weekend, to avoid crowds.

Paddle to paradise

Go light with an inflatable kayak, the shallow draft of an inflatable allows you to float to places even a canoe can’t reach. Look on a map for a waterway braided with curves that signal a lazy river. Go on a Sunday to avoid the weekend rush. Remember to bring a pump, a paddle, a life jacket and a watertight “dry bag” to keep your gadgets moisture-free. Oh, and don’t forget the sunscreen.

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