Parallel Park Anywhere

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Russ Swift, owner of Russ Swift Precision Driving, set a record for parallel parking in the tightest space. 
Use his tips to score a personal best for speed and accuracy.

1.] First, assess the spot. Pull up alongside the space so your car’s rear bumper lines up with the back car’s front bumper. If you see 1.2m to spare ahead  of you, then you can make it. Pull beside the front car, leaving about 45cm between the doors. Come to a stop when your bumper is 60cm ahead of the other car’s back end.

2.] For a spot on the left side of the street, look over your left shoulder; reverse until your rear bumper clears the other car’s rear bumper. Crank the wheel to the curb.

3.] After your front bumper clears the car in front, straighten out your vehicle, ideally seven centimetres from the curb. Now hop out of the car and execute a celebratory fist pump.

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