Monday Music: 9/12/2013

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Album of the Week

Red Huxley – Nothing More
If you get a hard copy of the album, please look past the “Play Loud” sticker. This is a great band who try way too hard to recapture the free spirit of rock, a classic case of bad marketing happening to good music. Nothing More is an album that begs you to hit the open road with a bunch of your chinas. Think of their sound as the product of Kings of Leon being molested in the Kalahari by a native who’s listened to too much 60s garage rock – this is all a good thing.

MH Recommends:
My Own Way is a snapshot of everything Red Huxley are musically, and is awesome if you can get beyond the country twang. Sample the video on YouTube.

Get the My Own Way EP on iTunes for R45. Nothing More coming soon (not yet available).

On our radar

Noise Rap
Just per a decade ago bands like Korn and Linkin Park were mixing rap with loud guitars to rile up the youth. In 2013 rap gets bastardised with deep house, glitch and drill music to achieve the same effect. But hey, it’s better than NuMetal. Death Grips are widely regarded as the kings of the genre, and you can download their new album for free here.

Muscle Music

Death Grips – Get Got
Follow the sputtering 87bpm beat to a running pace of 4:43/km. Sample the video on YouTube or download it at soundcloud.

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