Monday Music: 25/11/13

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Album of the week
Seether – 2002-2013
The SA export is one of those bands you remember where you were when you first heard them. I was in bed, listening to Barney Simon’s “Night Zoo” show on 5FM. Fine Again was so unlike anything on the radio at that moment, and like a tiny maintenance dose of grunge to counter the Nu-Metal movement. It was excellent then and still remains excellent. Yes, 2002-2013 is a greatest hits album that comes packaged with a second CD of B-sides and unreleased tracks and you probably own the music already. But it’s a great refresh for older fans. Maybe the CDs skip and you didn’t get a chance to make digital backups… 2002-2013 was a good reminder of brilliant music talent we have within our borders. Needles is a big omission for anyone of you who enjoys their live act, and there’s an early acoustic version of Broken without Amy Lee that could’ve made and appearance as well. Barring those two tracks, the album is as complete a greatest hits collection as any casual fan can hope for.

MH Recommends
Fine Again is still the highest point of Seether’s catalogue, but Gasoline and Rise Above This are obvious standouts too. The second CD has a debut release of the haunting Blister – sounds very Metallica, but still awesome.

Buy the album on iTunes for R140.

On our radar

Another band digging up their catalogue is Fokofpolisiekar, who are celebrating 10 years of As Jy Met Vuur Speel Sal Jy Brand. You can download the EP and chord book for free on their website and also get merch and details on the countrywide tour.

Muscle Music
Fokofpolisiekar – Tygerberg Vliegtuig

The video is cheesy as hell, but the driving guitar riff will get you through that last rep and then some. Line it up on your running playlist and try and not go all out.