Monday Music 21/10

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Album of the week

Big Sean – Hall of Fame
We’re hoping Mr Anderson lives up to his chosen moniker in his pants because there seems to be nothing big about Sean from the outside. Big Sean came off a (pardon the pun) good year of guesting on Kanye tracks and his second album looks to take advantage of it. Hall of Fame isn’t a masterpiece, but it’s a playful release from a talented rapper, with a – what is now standard – list of contributors ranging from Nas to Nicki Minaj. To be fair, this album would’ve been rated higher if the highly praised (mostly for Kendrick Lamar’s controversial verse) launch single Control had made it to the track list. Actually, we’re a bit pissed that it isn’t.

MH recommends: Beware is the lead single and sets the tone for the album – if you don’t like it, the other tracks aren’t too much different or too much better.

Get it iTunes for R110

On our radar
Hip hop’s return to lyrical form
Kendrick Lamar dropped a bomb with his verse on Big Sean’s Control, and the shrapnel is coming in the form of much better writing and flows from all sides of the game. Hear Eminem kill it on the third verse of Rap God and try and argue that he isn’t the greatest.

Get it on iTunes for R8,99

Muscle music
Eminem – Lose Yourself

Speed: 86bpm

Best for: Pumping iron, or the last few kilometers of a half marathon.

R8,99 on iTunes