Monday Music: 18/11/2013

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Album of the week
Dizzee Rascal – The Fifth
The rise of dubstep and deep house has desensitized the public ear to glitchy break beats, which is great for the more traditional underground styles of music, particularly grime and garage. This is an important context to have when evaluating Dizzee Rascal on his fifth solo album. For a man who hass been in the grime game for a little over a decade, to still be sounding like you’re having as much fun as he does is an achievement. Yes, the lyrical content is largely fluff, but his rapid-fire flow is still there and still entertaining. Some fans say he sold out, but we applaud him for his tireless work in getting exposure to underground genres.

MH recommends: I Don’t Need a Reason has been getting tons of airtime on radio for a very good reason, it’s probably the best track on the album. We have one warning, however: this is the type of album that makes you want to upgrade your car sound system.

Get it on iTunes for R110

Muscle Music
Much of The Fifth was released as a mixtape called earlier this year, and should be freely available if you search around the internet enough. A standout track that is a staple on the MH running playlist is Bassline Junkie.

The 139bpm speed is great for training tempo runs.

Pick it up off the album on iTunes for R9